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Support Documents

Determining your version of SatDirect Plus:
Use this document to check your version of SatDirect Plus and BroadBand for PC. (PDF)

Installation Manual:
This document shows you how to install the hardware and software. (PDF)

Satellite Dish Installation
This document provides step-by-step instructions of how to properly install and setup your ISAT satellite dish antenna. This document also contains instructions for using the SatFinder software. (PDF)

Installing the PCI B2C2 modem
This document explains how to install the PCI B2C2 modem adapter. (PDF)

Email errors:
This document explains how to correct some SMTP problems. (PDF)

Explanation of the Live Update inteference problem:
This document explains how the live update feature from some application can interfere with the satellite software. (PDF)

Uninstalling the satellite system:
This document shows you how to uninstall the satellite system. (PDF)

Reasonable Use Policy RUP :
This document shows you how and when the Reasonable Use Policy goes into effect. (PDF)

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall:
This document shows you how to configure the Windows Firewall in Service Pack 2 to work with the SatXPress system. (PDF) or (DOC)

Fix for Windows XP Service Pack 2:
Use this new Main Data Adapter driver to replace the one currently on your currently (Zip)
After downloading the file, extract the HNetSun.Sys to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder, overwriting the file currently located there. You will need to reboot your computer!

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